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VA - Earthbeatz - Compiled by DJ Maia (Native Harmonics, Septmeber 2008)


Various Artists


Earthbeatz - Compiled by DJ Maia


Native Harmonics




September 2008 / Week 38


Ambient / Dub / Trance / Drum and Bass


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1. Benny Tones - Liquid Light (Organiks rmx)

2. Grouch - Malia

3. Module, Jessica Chambers - Twilight Stolen (Benny Tones rmx)

4. Tranquility Bass - Natural Selection

5. Spoonhead - Mystic Forest

6. Psyzaak, The Freakin Durkka Durr - Freedom for sale

7. Grouch - Apply Within

8. Deep Fried Dub - Berocca Dub

9. Ecophonik, Howes, Matt, Karensa - Sunday

10. Diwata, Rihari, Sofiah Thom - Gaia (Video Track)

11. Tom Cosm - Tipping Point

Official ReviewEdit

Compiled by DJ Maia. Native Harmonics' first release, Earthbeatz, skilfully merges a stimulating diversity of rhythms from Psytrance, Dub, Breaks, Drum and Bass, Tribal, Electronica and downbeat grooves. Eight artists from New Zealand and two from Australia convey their ongoing inspirations from nature in this compelling journey through mystic forests, twilight hours, the dark of night and the liquid light of sunrise. A special feature is the breathtaking video track from Diwata, revealing a stunning New Zealand landscape set to an enchanting musical composition. The human element of vocals, didgeridoo, percussion and other instruments enhances the organic richness of this well-crafted compilation. Earthbeatz features other artists well known to the club and outdoor festival scene in New Zealand, such as Grouch, Module, Benny Tones, Psyzaak and Spoonhead. Many of these producers are also gaining a following overseas, as New Zealand music starts to permeate the global consciousness. Deepfried Dub and Tranquility Bass from Australia add to the flow with their sublime, dubby rhythms. A bonus audio track from Tom Cosm is also included as a free download from a link supplied on the CD. All artists featured performed main stage at the Canaan Downs festival 2008.