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The Zap - Big Bang


The Zap


Big Bang






August 2008




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1. Magic Toys

2. 360 Volts

3. Everybody Atomic

4. I can see rainbows

5. The mouse and the opera singer

6. Proton Pusher

7. Hoffman's Watch

8. Start Again

9. One forty eight

Official ReviewEdit

Exploding with new sounds and ideas 'Big Bang' by The Zap! has arrived. The most exciting new act to come out of the PsyTrance scene in a long time. Following the success of Quintessence, The Infinity Project, 1200 Micrograms and Shpongle, Raja Ram wanted to do something fresh, dynamic and exciting, so he got together with Benji Vaughan (acclaimed producer of The Egg and writer/producer of White Knuckle, Prometheus, Younger Brother). The result was 'Proton Pusher!' One of the most 'out there' tunes you could imagine. The idea was to work at a more spacious slower speed but with more power than the main crop of music from the scene. The result was a 165 bpm collage of jazz, techno, and sci-fi...the complete opposite of what we were expecting, totally crazy but somehow gelled together perfectly. Raja Ram premiered the track at Glastonbury last year and the stage went crazy. People were frothing at the mouth asking, 'What the hell was that!' It was then locked away until now! Next came The Mouse and The Opera Singer...and things slowed down to a very odd groove reminiscent of old Belgian New Beat, Slow but majestic with an intoxicating vocal...the start also maybe of some electro influences. But at the same time unlike anything we had heard before and continued with each track being different but still with a Zap thread. Insert non-formatted text here

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