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Suns Of Arqa - Technomor Remixes Volume 4 (Arka Sound 2008)


Suns Of Arqa


Technomor Remixes Volume 4


Arka Sound




October 2008 / Week 42


Ambient / World Music


Samples and Online Order


1. Unique Seal (Raw Pete Mix)

2. Sully's Reel (Astralasia Mix)

3. Rosin + Reed (Zion Train Mix)

4. Whirling Forest (Youth Mix)

5. Moroder Vibe (Rick The Switch Mix)

6. Silent Witness (Youth Mix)

7. Tarang (László Hortobágyi Mix)

8. Kalvati (C.N.D. Mix)

9. Formorian (Bleep and Booster Mix)

10. Albatross (The Immortal Peter Green Mix)

Release InfoEdit

Enter into the world of Suns Of Arqa and leave any half-baked notions of musical boundaries at the door! Technomor is an intoxicating blend from the opening sound of the highland bagpipes over Wada's dub bass line, to the ultimate mix of the worlds first Celtic dance floor classic 'Sully's Reel'. This groundbreaking track was to spawn a host of imitations! Technomor also features Zion Train's mix 'Rosin Reed' with Suns Of Arqa regulars - India's most respected bamboo flautist Raghunath Seth and New Delhi's Johar Ali on violin. Next up, two awesome tracks from the UK's top producer Youth; another strange collaboration with Laszlo Hortobagyi mixed at the Gayan Uttejak Studio in Budapest, and even strangerSuns Of Arqa do a cover of the 60's Fleetwood Mac hit 'Albatross', produced by the UK's other master producer John Leckienot to be missed!