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Reza Samadi - Road To Blackrock [Psy-Rave 2008]


Reza Samadi


Road To Blackrock






October 2008 / Week 43


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1. Road to Blackrock

2. Enlightened

3. HippyFlipping

4. Deep in your mind

5. The Trip

6. PsySax

7. Welcome to Blackrock

8. LSD

9. Desert Raves

Release InfoEdit

The debut album release from Reza Samadi and Psy-Rave records is here! Packed with upbeat full on psychedelic sounds fused with the bouncy edge of a Rave twist. This is a fresh sounding album like no other! Currently based in Southern England, Reza has been involved with, and signed to many labels in all different types of dance music over the last 10 years. Although discovering the twisted beats of Psy-Trance many moons ago on a crazy trip to Camden in London that resulted in his first Psy-Trance rave in an abandoned mental asylum, he never felt the time was right to take it on. After living through the insane experience that is the one and only Burningman festival in America, he rediscovered his passion for the galloping baselines and dark yet bouncy electronic sounds that is the psychedelic madness we call trance. After returning home he found himself sat in the studio writing what would become his first Psy based album. Purposely trying to add a touch of different dance music he heard from burningman, yet keeping it Psy based, and not wanting to forget what set him back on this path, he aptly named the album 'Road to Black Rock' (Black rock desert is were Burningman is held). With his knowledge of 10 years of producing many different genres of music, he has been able to put his all his experience into this album which been described by critics as successfully bridging the gap between Psy-Trance and other dance styles, thus perfect for the Psy-Rave records sound. There is definitely something in this album for everyone!