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VA - Sundrops - (Suntrip / SUT-011)
Agneton - Horizon In Your Head - (Phototropic / PHT-007)
Crazy Ducks - Quacktastic - (Adapted / ADR-001)
Talpa - When The Somberness Becomes A Game - (Sundance / SUD-037)
Mubali - Shenanigans - (Trishula / TRR-016)
Double R.E.L. - U Name It - (Doof / DOO-030)
VA - Shamanisma - (Space Baby Records / SRE-001)
VA - Garlic Shake - (Antiscarp / ACR-004)
VA - Shanti Jatra Vibes - (Purple Hexagon / PUH-001)
A.P.E. - Advanced Psychedelic Energy - ( / GEO-034)

VA - City Lights Volume 2 Compiled and Mixed by Monoroom - (ProgressTunes / PTU-002)
VA - Synthetic Chronicles Compiled By Silicon Sound - (Neurobiotic / NEU-024)
VA - Tales Of Fall - (Iono Music / INM-020)
Tomic - My Number One - (Spiral Trax / SPT-025)
One Tasty Morsel - Illogitechnicallity - (Zenon / ZEN-014)
Tash And Stage Van H - Movement - (Movement / MOV-001)
Neelix - You're Under Control - (Spintwist / SPN-022)
Human Blue - A Decade Of Dance Part 2 - (Transient / TRA-108)
Jokke Ilsoe - Memories Of The Dubworld - (Namnam / NAM-002)
Perfect Stranger - Free Cloud - (Iboga / IBO-059)

Full On
Chakra - Crossover - (HOM-Mega / HOM-060)
Sufi - Timewave Zero - (Dacru / DAC-008)
Slider - Music Saved My Life - (Noya / NOY-003)
VA - Bounce Compiled By Varun - (Materia / MTE-008)
VA - Psy Guitar - (Enigmatic Sound / ENI-788)
Yahel - Xport - (Phonokol / PHO-410)
VA - Olympic Sound - (Enigmatic Sound / ENI-789)
Black And White - Back On Track - (HOM-Mega / HOM-059)
Han Solo - Hyper Reality - (AP Records / APR-163)
Predators - Cosmos - ( / GEO-032)

Dark / Night Psytrance
VA - Pagan Forest Magik - (Green Magik / GMR-001)
VA - Out Of Time - (2To6 / 2TO6-001)
VA - Triton - (Discovalley / DSV-008)
VA - Lycans' Meeting - (Lycantrop / LYC-001)
VA - The Big Brainwash - (Tremors Underground / TUP-004)
VA - The Laboratory - (Bom Shanka Music / BSM-004)
VA - New Blood II - (Timecode / TCC-024)
Paranoid Trip - Memories Of Souls - (Moonsun / MOO-013)
Bash, Demonizz, Necropsycho - Extreme Deformities - (Dead Tree / DTP-003)
VA - Set The Cruise - (Cruise Control / CRU-001)

Ambient / Chillout / Downtempo
Sounds From The Ground - Brightwhitelight - (Waveform / WAV-009)
Kasbah Rockers - Kasbah Rockers - (Barraka / BAR-028)
Motionfield - Optical Flow - (Somnia / SOA-006)
Ishq & Pan Electric - About Time - (Absolute Ambient / ABA-004)
Abakus - We Share The Same Dreams - (Modus / MOD-001)
Yellow Magnetic Star - Mind Soul Body - (Copihue / COE-001)
R.S.A.G. - Organic Sampler - (Psychonavigation / PSN-027)
Hibernation - Some Things Never Change - (Aleph Zero / ALE-010)
Ram Dass And Kriece - Cosmix - (Waveform / WAV-008)
Harax - Inly - (Up / UPR-004)

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Syn1cd029 b

Ovnimoon - Family Of Light

Label: Synergetic Records

Style: Progressive Trance, Psytrance

Synergetic Records presents 3rd album from Chilean artist Ovnimoon. After relese of "Human Spirit" album in 2006, Ovnimoon gained worldwide attention both on Psytrance and Progressive Trance scene, but also in Electro Progressive scene with his side project Stuardo. Album includes 10 new tracks, 4 collaborations and 1 remix.

Spt1cd026 b

Atmos - Tour De Trance

Label: Spiral Trax

Style: Progressive Trance

Spiral Trax is proud to announce the long awaited new Atmos album. After releasing his now legendary "2nd Brigade" in 2004, Atmos aka Tomasz Balicki left the world waiting for more. "Tour de Trance" is Atmos' 4th studio album done in typical Atmos progressive trance/house style. Album includes 9 new tracks.

Psytrance Releases Archive Highlights

VA - Permutations (2004)


A must have for all psy freaks lovers. The second release of Australian label Zenon Records, 'Permutations' contains nine tracks of dark, deep and funky psygressive trance. All tracks included are previously unreleased, and are chosen first and foremost for their ability to stand the test of time. This music will last long after the 'dancefloor moment' has come and gone. Having said that, these tracks can still cause some serious digging!

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VA - Blissful Moments (2003)

Tfm1cd001 b

A compilation focusing on outdoor morning trance and Old-school goa-trance influences with a hint of Northern atmosphere. Tracks to remind you of all the Blissful Moments experienced at outdoor parties when melodies take control. Featuring artists like Ypsilon 5, Xervana, Ethereal, Aquasphere, Vast and more.

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Recommended Releases

VA - Synthetic Chronicles

Neu1cd024 b

Compiled By Silicon Sound. A mix of progressive and psytrance with a touch of electro and some very interesting collaborations. It includes tracks from the new project called 'Even 11', a collaboration between Silicon Sound and Jaia, Voyager (project of the former Altom member Thomas Dubreuill), Blue Planet Corporation, a legendary french band from the early 90's which released over...

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VA - Tales Of Fall

Inm1cd020 b

Compiled by Phaxe and Cowan. Iono Music invites you to enjoy the most coloured season of the year. Label artists Cowan and Phaxe have picked up nine musical leaves from the promised lands of psychedelic touched progressive trance music. Cowan is better known as one of the masterminds behind the Danish project Time In Motion who have been constant guests on last Iono compilations and received...

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Tomic - My Number One

Spt1cd025 b

German progressive trance producer Thomas Wagner aka Tomic is an artist that we at Spiral Trax have had our eyes on since we received his first demo. Apart from his releases on our Platform and Bakkelit compilations Tomic has released on labels such as Stripped, Iboga and his own label Fraud Recordings. He has been working with Dutch model turned DJ, Joyce Mercedes as well as providing remixes for...

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VA - Sundrops

Sut1cd011 b

News from the modern melodic goa trance front! Suntrip 4th compilation called Sundrops - Light in motion is finally ready. As usual, you'll get no compromise on quality and we'll give you a mix of well-known artists mixed with new talents. Musically this compilation will be pure morning-styled goa trance in all its facets. Expect high energy dance floor burners, floating morning groovers...

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One Tasty Morsel - Illogitechnicallity

Zen1cd014 b

OneTastyMorsel is the solo project of 23 year old Paul van den Brink from the hills of far north Australia. The project kicked off in early 2005 after a passion to express his musical views could not be found as an artist within the live band scene. Drawing influence from many forms of music and combining an eclectic taste in electronica with a passion for minimal psychedelic trance...

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Abakus - We Share The Same Dreams

Mod1cd001 b

Abakus is one of the projects from Russ Davies. The son of The Kinks founder Dave Davies, Russ has always been exposed to strong musical roots, citing Acid House, IDM, Dub and Electronica as influences. His first album 'That Much Closer To The Sun' was released in 2004 and was a success globally. He has toured the world extensively with his sound, has licensed music to over 30 albums...

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Human Blue - A Decade Of Dance Part 2

Tra1cd108 b

This is the second instalment of the Decade of Dance series from Human Blue, keeping in the same vain as the previous, this captures the spirit of the progressive scene of the past 10 years, a ground breaking artist of huge magnitude we have tried to offer a spectrum of styles within the progressive genre. This cd will not disappoint the long time Human Blue fans as well as pleasuring the newly discovered...

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Talpa - When The Somberness Becomes A Game

Sud1cd037 b

The long awaited 2nd album from Serbian trance master Talpa is finally here. After many years in the studio, Talpa has finally found his new sound that he wishes to present to the world of trance. Goran, aka Talpa has outdone himself with an amazing new sound that is totally unique to his studio. Never resting on his previous abilities, Goran has shown us once again that there is no one...

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Mubali - Shenanigans

Trr1cd016 b

Mubali - Shenanigans

After numerous releases since his first album Mubali releases now his second album 'Shenanigans', a CD loaded with funked up psychedelic trance. With his second album Mubali aka Greg Farley takes his production skills up to the another level and gave his music an extremely funky rhythm with a topping of psychedelic sounds. Fat bass lines with a steady kick, sauced with pads and...

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Hibernation - Some Things Never Change

Ale1cd010 b

Hibernation - Some Things Never Change

Aleph Zero is proud to offer a new chilling treat from Hibernation, the new project of Seb Taylor the master of Electronic music responsible for well known projects such as Angel Tears, Kaya Project, Shakta, Digitalis and more. We asked Seb to go places he never went to before, and he came back with Some Things Never Change, Hibernation's debut album. It is a mix of downtempo electronica...

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Expected Releases for Upcoming Period

  • Audiopathik - Global Killer - (Acidance)
  • Flame On Fire - Mission Emotion - (Dance N Dust)
  • OOOD - Fourthough - (Phar Psyde)
  • Will-O'-The-Wisp - Long Sleep Plain - (Cosmicleaf)
  • Mubali - Shenanigans - (Trishula)
  • One Tasty Morsel - Illogitechnicallity - (Zenon)
  • Kaya Project - And So It Goes - (Interchill)
  • Neural Rectifier Syndrome - Problem, Reaction, Solution - (Last Possible Solution)
  • Kliment - The Perpetual Ritual - (Electrik Dream)
  • Chromosome - DMT Cowboys - (Vertigo)

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PurePerception Logo

Pure Perception Records, based in South Carolina, USA

Pure Perception Records

Pure Perception was created in 2007 with the goal of releasing high quality, underground electronic music to the world. With sounds ranging from progressive to ambient, minimal to psychedelic, tribal to techno, and everything else in between all having a unique vibe and distinct atmosphere... See Label Profile

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