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Kino Oko - Alphabetically Divided Highway (Tribal Vision Records 2008)


Kino Oko


Alphabetically Divided Highway


Tribal Vision




August 2008, Week 33


Progressive Trance / Electronic


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1. Any kind of structure

2. Made in satisfaction

3. Body and mind

4. Mother Mature

5. Symphatetic magic death

6. Story of forgotten notes

7. Stand by me

8. Pure Irony

9. Remedy Express

10. Messiah Formula

11. Trough the round window

Official ReviewEdit

For those electronic music fans that are already tired of hearing the same sounds all around and looking for something fresh, creative and unique, Polish producer Grzegorz Magnuszewski aka Kino Oko brings his second solo album. Member of internationally well-known projects Bigwigs and Tromesa presents the result of three years intensive work - eleven tracks crossing the genre borders, a truly colorful journey through the various soundscapes. Timeless piece of music that might be hard to label yet very easy to fall in love with. The CD box contains a folded poster booklet made by Agnieszka Stypa, famous Polish paintor and senior Art Director from Warszaw. Besides the breath-taking paintings precisly drawn with pen and ink, the booklet also contains various texts with Grzegorz's thoughts concerning music as well as everyday life's dilemas.

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