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Dave Skipper - Convoluted Substances (Mesmobeat 2008)


Dave Skipper


Convoluted Substances






September 2008 / Week 40


Breakbeat / Drum N Bass / Psychedelic


Samples and Online Order


1. Mesmosis - Spurious shards of splintered spumescence

2. Stirfry - Filthy Dessert (Dirty Sponge Mix)

3. Zero Ten - Wardance

4. Adept - Chinemory

5. Eat Static - Flapscratcher

6. Chris Bass - Nod 2 Nuno

7. Zero Ten - Into Unknown

8. Zubzub - Coruscant

9. Zero Ten - E-scape

10. Adept, Reppiks - Anteater (Jungle Journey Mix)

11. Cyanescent - Quiescent (Barefoot Stomping Mix)

12. Stirfry - Dried Lemon Slice Reprise

Release InfoEdit

Culled from the recent dissolution of Rubbish Records...

... and seeing a proper release for the first time, Mesmobeat presents Dave Skipper's 'Convoluted Substances' remix album.

Dave Skipper is certainly not your average shred guitarist, not least because he also loves to delve inside the guts of an analogue synth. He doesn't just rip up the fretboard mindlessly either, but has a keen sense for tasteful experimentation that makes virtuosity interesting again.

'Convoluted Substances' takes this sound to the next dimension: it is an incredible collection of diverse tunes by various artists that mould fragments from 'Essence' into intriguing concoctions that are brimming with energy. Predominantly drum'n'bass in style, the music blends intricate rhythms, tricky lead guitar and mutant synth textures into a riveting journey that lasts well over 70 minutes.

The album boasts an exclusive track from Eat Static, the legendary space-techno pioneers, plus a superb creation from ZubZub, the ex-Ozric Tentacles bass-player Zia. And an excellent mastering job by Schoo, ex Ozric Tentacles drummer and now bashing the skins for Courtney Love, will ensure that your speaker cones get full spectral conditioning.

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