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Audiopathik - Global Killer (Acidance Records 2008)




Global Killer






September 2008 / Week 39


Dark PsyTrance


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1. Space Turbo Villagers

2. Slaughter House

3. Antipathik

4. Not Asstrix

5. Global Killer

6. GutWrenching

7. Kukara-Makara

8. Acid Playground

9. PezzaDenzia

10. Violent Toaster

Release InfoEdit

Acidance Records is back stronger than ever!

The long awaited debut album of our Mexican cabrones 'Audiopathik' is ready to get unleashed upon the face of Earth.

Latin America's masters of psycore are ready to release their sonic highly anticipated assault, this album contains some of the most driller killer tunes in its style and genre. After an impressive series of releases on various labels worldwide, Audiopathik is ready to show this planet what they are truly about.

Alex Urias and Gilberto Wendlandt are the two talented masterminds behind this storming project, two names that have been shaking and steering up the dance floors for quite some time. Now with the 'Global Killer' album they are pushing the limits of their musical abilities Nonstop with their audio onslaught, searching for new inventive sounds and musical boundaries... creating a distinctive style on its own.

'Global Killer' contains 10 brand new tracks, all being a unique raw and powerful blend of acid soaked gut ripping synths and soundscapes layered on top of thunder pounding bass lines. When these guys get it their way, they will make your hair stand up straight, your skin melt on the spot and it'll have you running for the dancefloor screaming for your mama in no time, don't tell us we didn't warn you now!